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Most people do not know that aside from making loud and mean choppers and bikes, Harley Davidson also produces designs and style for eyewear, representing not just the style but the lifestyle as well. Not just for bikers either! With several of features, styles include thin and thick rims surrounding oval or rectangular lenses. Materials for frames and rims include acetate and metal for a nimble and lightweight experience or a durable make, respectively, ensuring a worry-free mindset for the sake of your precious eyewear and kids eyewear. The temples of all of the Harley models range from thick to a very fine thin, meeting any criteria for your ears. Nose grooves and nose pads are both available whether wanting nose pads for a tight and secure hold or nose grooves for a more comfortable and looser hold on the nose. Details as small as fully rimmed and semi-rimless are also considered, giving the option of no metal wires on the bottom of the lens, removing it from your sight of vision. Harley Davidson proudly claims their attire by giving their products either the classic Harley-Davidson bar-and-shield logo or with the Willie G. skull collection logo. makes Harley Davidson eyewear easily accessible for you!

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