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Guess provides eyeglasses and sunglasses for kids and adults, boys and girls alike. A wide variety of color provides the opportunity to incorporate your own personality in each pair of eyewear. For eyeglasses, materials such as acetate and metal are used for whatever design suits your activities, personally. Acetate is used for a lightweight and nimble wear, providing a comfortable wear for those long sittings behind a computer for work or research. A lightweight form of metal also used on other models for extra protection of wear and tear, best suited for kids for those accidental slips and falls. Another benefit of the metal is the ability to half semi-rimless rims. Semi-rimless rims only cover half of the lens, removing the bottom wire in the bottom of your vision, also creating a more natural look. Thin and thick rims are all availble for eyeglasses and sunglasses dualed with temples of all styles sporting different designs, however all sharing a similar characteristic, the Guess logo portrayed in several different ways. With over a hundred of purely Guess eyewear, they are almost customizable to your liking!

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