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Progear represent the best sports eyewear in the market. Made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate material, Progear eyewear are perfect for Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Football, and any other activities requiring rigirous activity. Many models come equipped with a strap or are eyegaurds, refraining them from sliipping off and giving you complete 20/20 vision. For those not requiring prescription but need protection for the sensitive areas of the eyes, the eyegaurd gets the job done, effortlessly, as if nothing is on the face. Kids, men, and women sizes are all considered. Face structures, such as narrow faces, are also thought of so that during the game, the wearer doesn't have to worry about his or her eyewear and can put their all in the game! To make it more personal, the eyewear comes with many options for colors, making it customizable to your team or your own preference. For regular eyewear, Progear still offers styles with or without rims. These lightweight glasses are shaped cruve around the face for a sport fit, making them perfect for bike rides, running, or even normal wear for day to day activities. 

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