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Parade Q Series 1803 Eyeglasses

Full Rim
Spring Hinge
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Introducing the Eyeglasses Parade Q Series 1803 Eyeglasses - a delightful fusion of style and comfort tailored exclusively for kids. These eyeglasses are designed to embrace youthful energy while providing reliable functionality.

Crafted with a sturdy Full Rim frame, these eyeglasses are built to endure the dynamic activities of kids' everyday lives. The Spring Hinge feature not only guarantees a secure fit but also accommodates the playful movements of young wearers, ensuring that the glasses stay comfortably in place throughout their adventures.

Available in a charming assortment of colors including Blue Fade, Crystal Black, and Sand, these eyeglasses let kids showcase their unique personalities. The Blue Fade brings a pop of vibrant energy, the Crystal Black exudes classic sophistication, and the Sand option offers a subtle and neutral tone suitable for any occasion.

With dimensions of 47mm lens width, 40.60mm lens height, 21mm bridge width, and 145mm temple arm length, these eyeglasses are meticulously crafted to suit the proportions of kids' faces. The thoughtful sizing ensures a proper fit that not only enhances their visual clarity but also boosts their confidence.

Whether your child is immersed in school activities, exploring the outdoors, or delving into creative projects, the Eyeglasses Parade Q Series 1803 Eyeglasses make for the perfect companion. Designed to withstand the vivacity of youth, these eyeglasses are an ideal blend of aesthetics and practicality, enhancing both their vision and personal style.

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