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OTP-ONE-TRUE-PAIR OTP-161 Eyeglasses

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Full Rim
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Introducing the OTP-ONE-TRUE-PAIR OTP-161 SHAPE eyewear, a masterpiece that seamlessly combines fashion-forward design with functional excellence. Crafted for those who appreciate elegance and sophistication, these eyeglasses feature a MODIFIED SQUARE shape that adds a touch of uniqueness to your look.

Designed in a FRAME TYPE that defines modern ophthalmic standards, these eyeglasses effortlessly blur the line between style and utility. The OTP-161 SHAPE is specifically tailored for the contemporary female wearer, accentuating the facial features with a feminine allure.

Meticulously constructed using premium materials, the front, frame, and temples of these eyeglasses are all fashioned from high-quality ACETATE. This not only ensures a lightweight feel for extended comfort but also showcases the durability and resilience that these glasses offer.

The hinge, designed with a REGULAR mechanism, guarantees seamless opening and closing of the temples, providing both flexibility and sturdiness. The FULL RIM construction not only enhances the visual impact of the eyewear but also provides additional support for the lenses, ensuring years of dependable use.

The OTP-ONE-TRUE-PAIR OTP-161 SHAPE eyeglasses effortlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with functional features, making them a true companion for modern, style-conscious women. Whether you're aiming to make a statement or seeking eyewear that complements your everyday attire, these eyeglasses are the epitome of eyewear excellence. Elevate your style and vision with OTP-ONE-TRUE-PAIR.




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