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Humphrey's 594009 Eyeglasses

Front: Cellulose Acetate | Temple: Cellulose Acetate
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The Humphrey's 594009 Eyeglasses are a stylish and contemporary accessory that combines functionality and fashion. These eyeglasses are unisex and have a round shape that suits a wide range of face shapes. The frame is made of cellulose acetate, which is a lightweight and durable material that provides a comfortable fit. The navy color of the frame adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the eyeglasses.

The eyeglasses come in a size of 50-16-135, which means that the lens width is 50mm, the bridge width is 16mm, and the temple length is 135mm. The B measurement, which is the lens height, is 41.8mm, and the ED measurement, which is the effective diameter of the lens, is 53.6mm. These measurements ensure that the eyeglasses fit comfortably and securely on the face.

The eyeglasses feature metal hardware that adds a modern and trendy touch to the design. They are also progressive friendly, which means that they can accommodate progressive lenses for those who need them.

To maintain the eyeglasses in top condition, it is recommended to remove any residue from the frame using a little bit of water and wiping the area with a microfiber lens cloth. This will help avoid damaging the frame and lenses, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable experience with the eyeglasses.

Overall, the Humphrey's 594009 Eyeglasses are a fashionable and functional accessory that combines quality and style, making them a perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and trendy pair of eyeglasses.

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