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Free Form eyewear are the classic eyeglasses that have simplicity and class that is unique specifically to them. For those that prefer lenses with no or semi-rimmed frames, the Free Form brand offers the most variety in that category. Free Form also offers lenses in all shapes and sizes, including narrow rectangular, regualr rectangular, square/rectangular, square, and round. Different availability in these numbers make the Prescription glasses seem nearly customizable for the wearer, perfect for any face: long, round, big, or small. For the Designer eyeglasses that do have rims, the rims are primarly metal, giving the Prescription glasses and lenses, in particular, extra protection and durability from falls and scratches. All models of Free Form have nose pads, meaning a firm hold on the nose, further reducing the chances of slips and falls on the nose. The temples of the Free Form models are thin and narrow, for a sleek finish on the side of the head and ears. With subtle style and a sturdy make, Free Form glasses are perfect for daily wear as well as those special occasions!

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